Honor the Ending from the Beginning.

“It is possible to move through your divorce with dignity and respect. To focus on putting what is truly in your best interests or the best interests of your children ahead of anger or fear.“

I have made it my life’s work to help you do exactly this. A leader in the alternative dispute resolution field for many years, you will feel the difference I bring from the very first time we sit down together.

We are a different kind of law firm that takes an alternative approach to family law matters.  At Kalscheur Conscious Family Law, we honor the need for our clients to grieve. We are also there to remind you that you won’t always feel this vulnerable, this raw, this uncertain about your ability to love and be loved. Once a divorce is finalized new opportunities will emerge; new relationships will begin; new dreams will be dreamt.  

By working in an interdisciplinary manner with mental health professionals and incorporating consciousness practices such as meditation and visualization into your support system, we help you honor the challenging emotions, get clear about your dreams for the future, and make decisions throughout the legal process that helps you achieve those goals.


Specific Services:


Direct Legal Representation and Litigation Services

We offer legal representation of individuals in pre- and post-decree family law matters whether that means working in a conscious manner quietly in the background, engaging directly with a spouse and his or her attorney in negotiations, or guiding you through a litigated divorce.  What if you want an amicable conscious approach to your divorce, but your spouse does not?  If a case has been filed, or your spouse insists on going through the courts, you can still have a conscious divorce. I have the expertise and experience to give voice to your needs and interests even in the litigated context. By getting clear about what you really want, and including practices that help you stay grounded amidst the storm, you can even grow while undergoing a litigated divorce.

Mindful Mediation

This is a process that allows a divorcing couple to flow through their divorce amicably and mindfully. Acting as a neutral third party, we make sure both parties are fully supported—emotionally, psychologically, and legally—before coming to the table to reach an agreement with their spouse or former spouse.  With mediation, the parties enter into a safe, confidential environment that allows them to stay out of court and be empowered to make the decisions themselves that will impact their lives from this day forward.  This cost effective approach is especially appropriate when both parties want an amicable process.


Collaborative Law

If you and your spouse are ready to work together on an interdisciplinary team to reach solutions to your family law issues, then Collaborative Law may be best for you.  A collaborative divorce includes two collaboratively trained lawyers, a mental health coach or coaches, a financial neutral (if necessary), a child specialist (if necessary), and any other professionals you and your family require. The team of professionals work together to help you stay out of court, and achieve as many of your goals as possible.  To learn more about collaborative law please visit: http://collablawil.org/about-collaborative-law-institute-of-illinois/how-collaborative-divorce-works-in-illinois


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Grounded. Focused. Fearless.


A Different Kind of Lawyer

As a family law attorney, I feel the weight of responsibility for my clients. A 20-year meditation and yoga practice keeps me grounded and allows me to see clearly what is truly in your best interests. By sharing these practices with you and helping you identify and utilize your own consciousness practices, I can better convey information to you, and you can better receive it, making our attorney-client relationship even more effective and rewarding.

My meditation and yoga practices allow me to remain calm, speak clearly, and be sensitive to what is happening for you, my client.  After years of experience, I can tell if a question and direction is truly informed or coming from a place of fear. And I can help you find the answer that will bring you the greatest peace.


“Your authentic voice speaks from your heart. Find it and use it during your divorce; you will obtain clarity on what really matters and have the information necessary to make decisions aligned with your truth.”

About Patrick


Patrick, Professionally

I have been a leader in the Chicago Collaborative Law community for several years.  I have been on the board of directors of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois from 2015 to the present, and have written articles and moderated discussions with the Chicago Bar Association and the DePaul College of Law on the benefits of the collaborative process.  I am active in local bar associations, including the Illinois State Bar Association and Chicago Bar Association—where I was the chair of the domestic relations committee (2013-2014); I serve on the boards of community organizations (Chicago Bar Foundation and DePaul College of Law Family Law Center); and I have been recognized by my peers as an exceptional family law attorney (Super Lawyers Rising Star (2016, 2017), Leading Lawyer (2016, 2017), and Emerging Lawyer (2016, 2017)

Prior to opening Kalscheur Conscious Family Law, I worked for one of Chicago’s largest and most respected family law firms for high net worth individuals, and one of the country’s best and largest general litigation law firms.  These experiences inform my understanding of what is right and wrong about our court system and its approach to family law disputes.  I help my clients avoid the pitfalls in the system, and I can offer these services to an economically diverse clientele.

I received my Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law, where I received many distinctions, including graduating Order of the Coif and Summa Cum Laude.  I also have numerous additional training and certifications in Collaborative Law, Mediation, and Litigation.

Patrick, Personally

The father of two boys, I enjoy bike riding and taking trips to beautiful places with my family.  My wife, Anviksha, is a marriage and family therapist and the owner of Introspective Family Therapy.  We enjoy collaborating and helping families in a holistic and conscious manner.  We work with families in all stages of development, and I also offer conscious coaching services to clients at Introspective Family Therapy.  To learn more visit: https://www.introspectivefamilytherapy.com/services/  


Conscious Tips as You Consider Your Path:


Slow down.  

It takes people years to build relationships and families, and to untangle yourself appropriately also takes time.  If you rush, you may start a process where you feel stuck in the limited choices available.

Get Educated.

Before you take any irreversible actions, get educated about what will happen next. Meet with the professionals that can get you this information. Learn about the different processes (litigation, collaborative, mediation) that are available to you—and if your lawyer doesn’t discuss them with you, ask. If you ask and your lawyer doesn’t know how to answer these questions, find a new lawyer.

Establish a holistic support plan for yourself.

What brings clarity to your life? What helps you feel grounded?  Who are the people that support your best intentions and make you feel good about yourself?  What is the optimal amount of food, exercise and sleep for your body?  When you can put a support system in place that helps you get clear, you’ll feel better about yourself throughout your divorce and be empowered to make decisions aligned with what you really want.


Make sure the professionals assisting you are talking to each other and working together for you.  For example, if your lawyer knows what is working for you in therapy, then your communication and understanding with your lawyer likely will improve, and if your therapist understands what is happening in your legal process, then he or she can better tailor their therapeutic approaches.

Consider Generosity.

In times of great grief, we often cannot imagine giving to others.  As you work the process and these emotions lift, visualize what it feels like to be generous to your former spouse. The act of giving creates more space to receive, often in unanticipated ways.


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